Saturday, January 17, 2009
The Passing of a Caribbean Shero

This is by no means what I thought my first post for 2009 would be like. I was intending to rant about pornography. But unfortunately, circumstances dictate that I instead talk about something else, possibly the last thing I would have wanted to talk about at all.

And that something else is this: I think that someone in this country needs to build a gigantic bloody statue of Jizelle Salandy. Trinidad and Tobago has lost its greatest claim to international fame and recognition with the untimely death of this young, undefeated boxing champion. I, in my ignorance of sporting issues and boredom with cricket, humbly opine that she was the greatest of sport personalities this soil has ever produced, an excellent role model, and a true shero.

One day perhaps I will find a good-sized photograph that truly attests to her talent as a fighter, and then paint it. I look for photos of her, and find that a lot of people seem to want to remember her as the beauty in the dark evening gown. Me? Give me Jizelle with sweat beaded all over her face and that expression that combines exhaustion with the exhilaration of another victory. And gloves on.

You will be missed. And brooded over extensively.

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